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Englewood Festival Along the National Road
Memories of Old Rt. 40 More Memories of Old Rt. 40


For 2006, the Randolph Township Historical Society will take the bicentennial (1806-2006) of the Historic National Road (old U.S. Rt. 40) as its educational focus. The National Road played a very important role in the growth and development of all parts of northern Montgomery County, Ohio including not only Randolph Township, but also Butler Township to our east and Clay Township to our west. All of our programs, history roundtables and special exhibits will showcase the National Road through time from about 1838 (when this important highway arrived in this part of Ohio) to the present day.

Check the table below for all events scheduled for 2006. As they unfold, reviews and photos for each will be posted. Also, take the Photo Tour of Old Rt. 40 through Randolph Township and reminisce about earlier times. Check out "Route 40 Today" for current photos taken by society members as part of our efforts to provide a complete photo inventory of all buildings and sites along the old route in Randolph Township starting at Englewood Dam and going north along with Rt. 48 and then west to Diamond Mill Road.


Date Time Location Address
"Memories of Old Rt. 40" March 8th 7:30 p.m. Ward Center 235 E. Salem St., Clayton, OH
History Roundtable May 19th 7:30 p.m. Ward Center 235 E. Salem St., Clayton, OH
"Along the National Road"
Major Photo Exhibit/Videos
Wall Murals/Artifacts
June 15th-July 31st 9 - 4
Englewood Government Center 333 W. National Rd., Englewood, OH
Grand-Opening Program
Sylvia Miller - "The National Road: A Ride Through Time"
June 23rd 7:30 p.m. Englewood Government Center 333 W. National Rd., Englewood, OH
Englewood Arts Festival "History Tent" On Site With National Road Displays Aug 12th 10 - 5 Centennial Park Union Rd.
Englewood, OH
Englewood Arts Festival "History Tent" On Site With National Road Displays Aug 13th 11 - 4 Centennial Park Union Rd.
Englewood, OH
History Roundtable Oct 11th 7:30 p.m. Ward Center 235 E. Salem St.,
Clayton, OH

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"MEMORIES OF OLD RT. 40," Program Review

Robert "Tuck" Lodge and Leland Winteregg, both longtime residents of the Englewood area and members of the society, deserve a huge round of applause for serving as presenters at the society's March 8 program meeting held at the Ward Center. The topic and speakers must have struck a chord with the public because by 7:30 p.m. the meeting room was packed and parking in the outside lot was at a premium. (In addition to RTHS members, Clay Twp. sent a group and others learned of the event through the local papers.)

Lee spoke about coming to this area in the 1950s and opening his barber shop in the rear of the old Farmers State Bank at the NW corner of routes 40 and 48. He told stories about some of his regular customers, other businessmen in the area and the time a clerk at the bank pushed the panic button by mistake and the local constable came charging through his shop, gun drawn, to enter the back of the bank to stop the burglary in progress. Fortunately it was a false alarm.

Bob Lodge took us on a memory walk along Rt. 40 from Englewood Dam to the west edge of town. He recalled that during W. W. II, he and his father saw soldiers patrolling the road across the dam to make sure it was safe for convoys to pass since Rt. 40 was a major supply line for military troops and equipment. Memories of the Overlook Inn (later Overlook Apartments), Shaw's Inn, Wolf's Variety Store, Doty's, etc. came spilling out. One of the favorite Saturday night past times of Bob and his friends was sitting on the bank steps watching traffic at the Rt. 40/48 junction. Quite a few accidents occurred at this junction (the only stop light in Englewood at the time) as trucks speeding east to make the light missed the south turn and plowed straight ahead into the Shell Station. Many times, the boys would earn money by helping with clean-up after an accident.

Both Bob and Lee talked about Indian Joe who used to live in a tent along the old railroad tracks claiming squatters rights. People in the audience chimed in with their own stories about cars backed up along Rt. 40 to the western limits of town after the Indy 500 races each spring and about travelers caught in the Big Snow of 1950. All this was saved on audio tape by our board member Paul Dewey. Kay Dawson is transcribing the tape so we will have a hard copy of this important program.
Photos taken at "Memories of Old Rt. 40 Program" on March 8th featuring members Bob Lodge and Lee Winteregg.  (Click on images to enlarge them)
Rt40a.jpg (289067 bytes) Rt40b.jpg (688678 bytes) Rt40c.jpg (657809 bytes)

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"MORE MEMORIES OF OLD RT. 40" Program Review - May 10, 2006

"When you find something that works, stick with it."  That is exactly what the society did on May 10, 2006 when it sponsored its second program for the year that featured long time residents sharing stories about old Route 40.

This time the presenters were Robert "Lynn" Binkley, Roger Garwood and Carl Wagoner.  We won't add up the total number of years these three gentlemen have spent in the Englewood area, but suffice to say, they were not born yesterday.

Lynn began by showing copies of Binkley family photos he brought with him and was donating to the society.  Photos of young Lynn and his twin sister Leona, taken in 1928 at their house at 8 W. National Road (now a scrapbooking store), showed good views of Doc Furnace's office, Wolf's Store, Rapp Jewelers, Farmers State Bank and Waymire's grocery in the background (not to mention two very cute kids).  He told how his present house (that used to sit at 9 S. Main St. where Jack's Aquarium is now) was moved to 106 N. Walnut St., in 1933, so Sam Berger could move the old hotel and build the Pure Oil Station.  He also displayed a Sheets rifle that had come down through the Waymire side of his family and had photos of several of the Wenger family homesteads.

Carl Wagoner indicated that he and Lynn are shirt-tail cousins who have known each other since first grade.  Carl was born on a farm west of Englewood (the old Caylor Welding Service site) in a house now torn down. By 1930, he was living with his parents and brothers and sister on Union Road, a site he still owns today.  He started his shoe and Brethren clothing store there in 1956 and still operates the store today.  His family stood market in Dayton until the 1940s and he had many tales about butchering hogs, dressing chickens, gathering eggs and milking before heading to the market.  In later years, Carl farmed for Howard Evans, the Cassells and several others. Getting to the Evans farm required crossing Route 40.  Even on Memorial Day weekends, when traffic from the Indianapolis 500 race was backed up for miles, kind motorists would stop and let him cross.

Roger Garwood shared photos of Shaw's Inn where his mother had been a waitress in the 1950s and added commentary on many topics.  Paul Dewey taped the program.  Typed versions by Kay Dawson will be combined into a "Memories of Rt. 40 Booklet" that will be for sale later this year.

Morememoriesspeakerstable.jpg (252201 bytes) Morememoriesspeakers01.jpg (253002 bytes) MoreMemoriesaudience.jpg (431589 bytes)

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"Along the National Road" is a multi-media exhibit that celebrates the building of the National Road across America.  This exhibit, organized by our Randolph Township Historical Society, is set up in the lobby of the Englewood Government Center at 333 W. National Rd., in Englewood, OH.  It focuses on the National Road, past and present, across northern Montgomery County, which includes Butler, Randolph and Clay townships. The Clay Township and Vandalia-Butler Historical Societies have joined with us to make this exhibit really special.

The photos below will give readers an idea of the extent of the visual displays.  The self-guided tour starts at STOP 1 with a video tape, produced by RTHS member Paul Dewey, that documents the building of the road across Ohio.  STOP 2 takes the visitor into Butler township and through the "lost" town of Tadmor on the eastern edge of Butler township and then to Vandalia, OH which became known as "the Crossroads of America" at the intersection of U.S. Route 40 (the National Road) and U.S. Route 25 (the "Dixie Highway).

At STOP 3, you enter into Randolph Township.  In the early days, you would cross the old wooden bridge that spanned the Stillwater River (now part of Englewood MetroPark) and come up the hill into Harrisburg.  Today, Route 40 crosses into Randolph township via the Englewood Dam, follows north along Route 48 and then heads west from Englewood, OH into the rural areas of Clayton, OH.  Ten display boards with historical as well as current photos show changes along the National Road in Randolph Township block-by-block.  By STOP 4, the visitor will have entered Clay township at the interesection of the National Road and Diamond Mill Road.  Sights along the way include buildings in historic Swanktown, at the intersection of Route 40 and Ohio Route 49, and other rural communities.

The grand opening of "Along the National Road" took place on Friday evening, June 23rd, with Sylvia Miller, National Road historian, song writer and storyteller, showing slides and telling stories of the workers who built the historic National Road across the state and into Montgomery County.  Over 120 people attended this presentation that was sponsored in part by the Ohio Humanities Council.  Attendees overflowed the council chambers into the lobby but everyone seemed to enjoy the unique presentation of live and recorded folk songs and stories.  Nearly everyone stayed afterwards for refreshments (provided by Liberty Bank) and took a final look at the exhibits.  Many people said they would come back again when they could spend more time!

If you have not seen the exhibit yet, plan to come soon for your self-guided tour!  The lobby is open every weekday from 9 am to 4 pm and the displays are up through July 31st. The video runs continuously and all photos and memorabilia displayed are well documented.  This display is a once-in-a-lifetime event.   When it comes down, the individual displays will go back to their respective societies and may never be seen together again!

Photo1-Govt.jpg (492983 bytes) Photo2-bicycles.jpg (305950 bytes) Photo3-VideoKiosk.jpg (360828 bytes)
Overallexhibitnorth.jpg (410317 bytes) Exhibitssouth.jpg (430416 bytes) Millertalk.jpg (335161 bytes)

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The Englewood Festival was held on August 12th and 13th in Centennial Park off Union Boulevard. This is the seventh year the society has set up a history tent for the festival and the weather was nearly perfect for both days.

Several hundred people came through the history tent which featured ten photo boards making up the Randolph Township portion of the "Along the National Road" exhibit that stood in the government center during the summer.  Many people came for a second look while others enjoyed the photos for the first time.

The Society took in $350 during the two-day event from memberships and donations.  Gifts were available for donations at different levels:
        $8.00 level - a 45-page booklet entitled "Memories of Old Route 40"
                 (reminiscences of growing up along the National Road in Randolph                                   Township, Montgomery County, Ohio)
        $12.00 level - 1804-2004 Bronze Bicentennial Coin, RTHS
                 "On the National Road" with map of Ohio on reverse)
        $2.00 level - copies of the 2004 "Then and Now" photo calendar
                (dates good again in 2032 and photos never go out of date!)
NOTE:  On-line viewers with relatives or friends from this area may want to consider some of these items for holiday gifts.  Add $2.00 shipping and handling for each item ordered.  All items must be paid for in advance and will be shipped first class.

Photos taken at the festival by member Loren Butterbaugh can be viewed below.  They show the displays and some of the people who passed through the exhibits or served as hosts.  Hope you see someone you know!