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OCTOBER 11, 2012 – 7:00 P.M.


            More than ninety RTHS members, guests, and Miami Valley residents flocked into the Mill Ridge Village Retirement Center’s meeting room for the Society’s 2012 version of  “Antiques Roadshow.” Forty participants brought 123 items to be appraised. Others just came to observe the activities. Some non-members came from as far away as West Carrollton and Xenia, OH to learn what their treasures were worth.

Crowd waits for appraisals to begin.

Crowd waits for appraisals to begin

            The program began at about 7:10 p.m. with Glynn Marsh welcoming everyone and asking how they had learned about the program. Most responded that they had seen notices or the article in the Englewood Independent,or read about the event in the Society’s newsletter, the “Randolph Times.” A few had seen the short notice [that ran twice] in the local focus section of the Dayton Daily News. Marsh then thanked Ginny King, Director of Mill Ridge Village, for hosting the event at no cost to the Society. He then introduced the appraiser, Miami County auctioneer Jerry Stichter. Stichter donated his services so that all proceeds from the evening would go to the RTHS Building Fund. Anyone contemplating an auction should consider Stichter. Appraisals began at about 7:15 p.m. after Stichter recounted his credentials as an auctioneer since 1974. Some of his business cards were set out on the back tables and all had disappeared by the end of the meeting.

            Stichter stood in front of the seated crowd, identified each item handed to him, and pointed out its condition.  Then he asked for any historical information about the piece, discussed its desirability on today’s market, and gave a value for the item. Items brought in included china, stoneware, pottery, jewelry, Civil War pouches, mirrors, prints, a small desk, chairs and rockers. No really unusual or expensive items were discovered. Appraisals were interspersed with Stichter’s personal stories about similar items he had sold at auctions in the past, and how today’s market values may differ from those on similar items ten or more years ago because lifestyles have changed. He noted that audience members were of the generation that liked to display cherished family heirlooms in china cabinets or on wall shelves; whereas, today’s younger families like less cluttered homes. The appraisal session lasted three hours. Those who had to leave earlier were accommodated but many stayed until the very end. Afterwards, guests retrieved their items, and RTHS members helped Ginny King set up for Mill Ridge’s Friday morning program. RTHS members who worked the event were: Set-up: Bill Gothard, Sue Cummings, and Glynn Marsh. I.D. numbers clerk, Janet Stahl. Check-In tables (two lines): Registration takers, Kay Dawson and Wilma Schroeder; Money takers/I. D. stickers, Glynn and Doris West; Runners, Reid Allen, Ron Papp, and Donald Roth. Appraiser assistants, Glynn, Sue and Reid.


Some 75-100 people - members, area residents, and RHS Class of 1955 Reunion goers - attended the 1950s music program on July 28 at the RTHS History Center. This program also marked the 4th anniversary gathering since the Center opened in July 2008. At least three 1950s cars – two 1955 Fords and one 1955 Chevy piloted by Stephen Scarbro – pulled into the parking lots and several members came in 1950s-style clothes.

RTHS member Jerry Allison relived his days as a 1950s disc jockey and provided the music, playing a variety of different 1950s songs throughout the afternoon. The nostalgic music definitely added to the atmosphere as guests went around the main room looking and commenting about the 1950s photos and memorabilia on display. Loren Butterbaugh and several others took the photos shared here.

On the lower level, Martha Craig, Wilma Schroeder, Cathy Allison, and Leona Squiers had decorated the tables and kitchen with appropriately themed paper goods and served period refreshments, including sloppy joes and barbecued turkey sandwiches, potato chips, a gorgeous and tasty “Dreamcicle” cake, ice cream cups, beverages, and candy popular in the 1950s.

July 28 from 2-4 p.m. "Remembering the 1950s" Music Program

April 11 at 7:00 p.m.  "What's in a Road Name?" by Glynn Marsh


More than forty members and guests enjoyed hearing Glynn Marsh’s program, “What’s in a Road Name?” Slides of vintage maps from 1857 to 1933 were projected on the front wall during the talk. Attendees were amazed how the road names in Randolph Twp. have changed through the years, and how the individual names were selected in the first place. Several members chimed in with their own stories. Everyone enjoyed refreshments after the meeting.