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The President's Messge
Volume 10, Issue 1
From Glynn Marsh

January 2008

Happy New Year to All. After reading my farewell statement in the October newsletter, you may be surprised to see that I am writing this column again. Yes, I will be serving as President of RTHS for a fourth year. You can read how this situation arose in another section of the newsletter, but let me say that I am willing to accept the challenges of another year and am looking forward to participating in some very special events that we have planned.

Two milestones of local importance will occur in 2008. Our own Randolph Township Historical Society was founded in 1998 and so we will celebrate our tenth year of existence. Likewise, the City of Clayton began in January 2008. The City and the historical society both are planning events that will showcase the growth and development of Clayton which began as the town of Salem, Ohio (Clayton P. 0.).

Your historical society will sponsor two roundtable discussions in March and April that will focus on memories of living in the Village of Clayton as well as growing up in other parts of the township that now lie within the city limits of Clayton. The latter areas include the NW rural portion or what used to be Randolph Township that lies between National Road and County Line Road, and the SE portion which encompasses homes and businesses between Westbrook Road on the south, Heathcliff on the north and Diamond Mill on the West. Several of our Clayton members will lead the roundtable discussions and we will record their memories and incorporate them into a booklet entitled "Oral of Histories of Clayton, Ohio" We are depending on the rest of you to send us your memories of Clayton so they too can be used in the booklet or in future Family Tree columns.

We used a similar approach to print oral histories of the National Road (2006) and the Dayton - Covington Pike (2007}. Both these publications sold well and no copies remain. The Society hopes to make available the Clayton booklet by June 2O08. As of now, the City of Clayton plans are incomplete, but there is talk of a summer parade and possible picnic in which the Society is willing to participate

All of the "History Photos of the Month' that will appear in the Englewood Independent on the first Wednesday of each month during 2008, will feature people and places identified with Clayton history. The Society hopes that this focus on Clayton will lead to more residents of the City of Clayton taking an interest in the history of this area. This may mean increased attendance at our
March and April program meetings, an increase in Clayton family memberships and increased demand for our booklet. Time will tell.

Later in the year, the Society will hold an event to celebrate our 10th anniversary. The exact nature of this event will be decided in January, when our new (old) officers have time to get their heads together and think of something worthy of this milestone. It may just be a party for members and long time supporters or something more lasting.
Special Election Report

It may surprise some of you to know that although we average nearly 200 memberships (about 250 members) per year in the historical society, there are only about 25 members who regularly attend and take an active role at our business meetings. 

The election of officers and board members for 2008 presented us with a challenge.  Our bylaws slate that persons holding each of the offices of President, Vice-President and Treasure are limited to three consecutive one-year terns.  This rule was adopted to guarantee the infusion of fresh ideas and higher levels of energy within the group of officers. This year, when our nominating committee, chaired by Loren Butterbaugh, attempted to draw up a slate of candidates for 2008, no new individuals indicated a willingness to serve as President or Vice-President.  Normally, we play musical chairs when filling the restricted office positions, but this year prior commitments on the part of some of individuals and illnesses precluded this. When none of the members at the October meeting volunteered to run for the two open slots, the board voted to revert to emergency measures as outlined in the By-Laws that allow for the suspension of the three-year term limits when no viable candidates can be found.  Operating under this new procedure, a slate was drawn up with all current officers agreeing to serve an extra year in their elected posts, and Paul Dewey and Shirley Whiting each agreeing to serve an additional two - year term on the Board of Directors. The election was held at the November meeting.  No new nominations were made from the floor and since none of the positions was contested recording secretary Kay Dawson cast the deciding vote for the slate.