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Regular meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month at 114 Valleyview Dr., Englewood, OH
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The History Center is open to the public. Scheduled visiting hours are from 10 AM to 4 PM on the first Saturday of the month, April through November, weather permitting, and also by appointment. Call 937-832-8538.

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The President's Message
Volume 11, Issue 2
From Glynn Marsh

April 2009

Spring is around the corner and activities are starting to pick up at the RTHS History Center. By the time you receive this newsletter, the society will have resumed regular visiting hours at the Center. If you have not visited for some time, please make an effort to come. We also are looking for interested persons to serve as host and are happy to provide training sessions. Our current exhibit features Randolph Township schools including all of the large framed high school class photos obtained last year from Northmont School District. Why not come and see if you can find yourself or a relative in these pictures? We also have one more program in our 2009 Winter Lecture Series. Dr. Gale T. Mabry, who is the recently retired superintendent of Northmont School District, will be our guest from 2-4 PM on Saturday, April 25 to share his knowledge of the Northmont Schools era, i.e., the years 1959 - 2009. Later this summer, the Society will publish a transcription of all three programs in a book called "200 years of Randolph Township Schools."

The Society achieved several important goals during the winter months. We now have a decorative sign mounted above the door of the History Center that clearly identifies the use of the building. Lowell Garber and his crew from Glow Electric installed plug mold around the perimeter of the main display room, which provides access to numerous electric outlets for our display cases and future needs. The Bob Evans Farms restaurant in Englewood changed there wall decor, and donated 38 framed copies of historical photos that used to hang in the restaurant to the Society. These have been placed in appropriate displays in the main exhibition hall, down the front stairs, around the perimeter of the basement. The photos add a lot of interest and warmth to these spaces. The cast-iron railroad crossing sign from Paul Rike has been mounted on a pole in the south yard of the History Center. We hope to landscape the area this spring or summer.

The Miami Conservancy District has made available a scale model of Englewood Dam, made by Winston Vore of West Milton when he was an employee of the District. It is on permanent loan and will be a featured display when JoAnne Gamblee comes on May 13 to discuss a recent book entitled The Dam Battle. She has researched the opposition to building of the five dams after the 1913 flood, by residents of the upper parts of the Miami Valley, who felt too much land would be lost by establishing the large holding basins. Gamblee will be available to sell and sign books after her talk.

We also have received a scale model of the Old German Baptist Brethren Church, which is located on the corner of Barnes and Sweet Potato Ridge Road. The model was made by the late John Layman about 1958, when church members were deciding between two different remodeling designs. Layman's plan, which called for digging a basement under the church, was selected. Look for it on display later this summer, when the Society celebrates the anniversary of its grand opening with an old-fashioned gospel hymn "sing."