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The President's Message
Volume 12, Issue 4
From Glynn Marsh

October 2010

The calendar says fall but it still feels like summer. I for one am not complaining too much about these dry and unseasonably hot days, because I know that dark, snowy, and cold winter days are not too far away. The passing of the seasons reminds me of the passing of some of our valued members.

Three longtime supporters of the historical society died this past summer - Harriet (Morris) Carr, Dorothy (Dininger) Copp, and Roberta (Melton) Valentine. Many of our current members may not have known these successful women, but all three were charter members of the Society. Carr and Copp each lived in Randolph Township, while Valentine was a resident of Trotwood.

Harriet’s father, Gilbert Morris (first principal [1927] of Roosevelt High School), bought the David Stutzman farm on National Road in 1935. Later, Harriet inherited the farm and donated several wooded acres (now known as Carr Woods, behind Centennial Park) to the City of Englewood. Harriet also donated several items from the farm to the Society, including a large wooden barn sign with a raised, black and white painted date of 1849 A.D. After her marriage to Carroll Carr, Harriet taught first grade at Englewood School. In later years she always spoke of preserving the house and adjacent 500-year old oak tree for future generations. The early brick house now is gone, but the tree, which was flourishing when the National Road was being constructed through Randolph Township in 1838, remains.

Roberta (Melton) Valentine also was a teacher, but in the Dayton and Trotwood Schools. Her avocation was antiques and through this she became interested in history. She was a life member of both the Trotwood-Madison and Randolph Township historical societies. Roberta attended Ft. McKinley grade school in Harrision Township and was a good friend of my wife, Sue Cummings, who went to the “new” Ft. McKinley School.

Dorothy (Dininger) Copp and her husband Byron both shared their extensive knowledge of Randolph Township with the Society. Locals will remember Dottie as owner of the Clayton Country Store, full of antiques, crafts and other goodies. Following Byron’s death in 2004, and being in failing health herself, Dottie moved to the Atlanta area several years ago to be nearer her sister Susie.

The Society is now benefiting from donations made in memory of these women. Let us resolve to work even harder on behalf of the Society, so it can continue to grow and prosper in the community in future years.