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The President's Message
Volume 13, Issue 2
From Glynn Marsh

April 2011

Aha – Spring at last! It seems like this past winter was extra long, but now bright-colored crocuses are popping up in flowerbeds and promising warmer days to come. Daylight savings time has arrived and the added hours of daylight translate into more optimism and energy!

      For those of you who have not been to a meeting at the history center yet this year, you missed a really informative and entertaining program on March 9. Our own Paul Dewey narrated a DVD of a Civil War re-enactment he filmed several years ago in Indiana. His knowledgeable comments about the many activities going on at the encampment, and the roles being played out by the re-enactors, added to our group’s enjoyment.

     The second in our series of Civil War programs for this year will be on Wednesday evening, April 13, when Rex Maggert from West Milton, talks about “The Hundred-Day Soldiers.” His emphasis will be on enlistees from Miami and Northern Montgomery County and the roles they played in bringing about the end of the war. Maggert has been a Civil War researcher and family genealogist for many years. In addition to telling stories about these veterans, he will be bringing items for display and discussion.

     Speaking of Civil War displays, the east section of the Main Floor at the History Center is filled with interesting relics and photos that tell the story of the Civil War and its effect on the lives of Ohio residents. We thank the many different RTHS members who contributed to the display.

      We also hope many of you will participate in the Civil War Round Table (CWRT) discussions that will be part of almost every Wednesday monthly meeting. A complete schedule appears elsewhere in this newsletter.  Each CWRT will have a “Show and Tell” portion. Just bring your Civil War items (family letters, photos, or ?) and share your stories with the group.

     As we reflect back on the Civil War, which started 150 years ago, we may be tempted to view it as a nostalgic and heroic time.  The early volunteers were filled with patriotism and could hardly wait to engage in the first battle. It is easy to forget the sacrifices made and long lasting effects the war had on the young recruits and their families. Readings from veteran’s personal letters and diaries, filled with anxiety about the hardships they were suffering, bring this personal and perhaps more accurate view of the Civil War to light. We hope you can attend all or at least some of the events we have planned.