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Regular meetings are held at 114 Valleyview Dr., Englewood, OH on the second Wednesday of each month. 7:00 p.m. April - November and 1:00 p.m. December - March.
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History Center Hours

The History Center is open to the public. Scheduled visiting hours are from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m every Saturday from April through November, weather permitting, and also by appointment. Call 937-832-8538.

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The President's Message
Volume 14, Issue 3
From Dick Weimer

July - 2012  
Well, here we are at mid-year, and things are going well. New memberships and renewals are coming in and old and new volunteers are stepping up to help with building operations, office organization, and program planning. Your Board of Directors is meeting each quarter to discuss how the Society can move ahead on several important initiatives—specifically, how to acquire computers and small desks for the archives room and which kind of software to buy for the proposed computers. (PastPerfect, as designed for museums, appears to be the best.) The program is pricey at about $900, but will enable the Society to digitize its holdings and eventually list them online. We also will be able to add photos of donated items, search for groups of items in the same categories, identify their locations within the museum, maintain our inventories, write reports, and manage our website. When and if we get computers, we will need to explore getting a phone and an internet line at the History Center. So far, we have gotten by with cell phones for emergencies, but updating computer programs requires online access.

Another initiative involves preparing the north basement wall for the mounting of a National Road/ Route 40 mural that was salvaged from the old Frisch's Restaurant in Englewood when the restaurant was remodeled back in the 1980s. Handymen with power drills and others with artistic talents are needed. If you have some spare time on either the first or third Wednesdays of each month, why not join the work crews and help us accomplish this task? A special committee of board members is currently assessing building maintenance needs and improvements and establishing a timeline for accomplishing them.

Reaching these goals will require some extra dollars and effort. Let us all consider being doers and donors by giving of our time and money in honor of your Society's Fourth Anniversary at the History Center this July. Hope many of you will be in attendance at the 4th Anniversary Program on July 28.

Dick Weimer