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Regular meetings are held at 114 Valleyview Dr., Englewood, OH on the second Wednesday of each month. 7:00 p.m. April - October and 1:00 p.m. November - March.
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History Center Hours

The History Center is open to the public. Scheduled visiting hours are from 1:00 - 4:00 PM every Saturday from April through November, weather permitting, and also by appointment. Call 937-832-8538.

Mailing Address:
114 Valleyview Drive Englewood, OH 45322

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Randolph Twp. Historical Society


The President's Message
Volume 17, Issue 1
From Glynn Marsh

March - 2015
Thank you, thank you - to everyone who has so generously donated money and time to the historical society during this past year. You have made 2014 a memorable one for the Society. Merry Christmas and Happy 2015.

If you have not done so already and live in this area, you should swing by the History Center and see for yourself all the exterior improvements. The building looks well maintained and the recycled aluminum shingles replicate the appearance of early cedar shakes originally on the building in the 1880s. When the original shakes were removed during the re-roofing process, a few of those salvaged and now on display at the History Center were stamped with the name of the Foster Lumber Co., Tacoma, WA. So even in the 1880s, materials were being shipped here from large distances for construction.

In 2015, Society programs will have a community focus. We will hold a second roundtable on February 21 to learn how local service clubs enrich the lives of residents. In May, RTHS will tour the new warehouse facilities of the Northmont F.I.S.H. pantry. Last month RTHS members brought in donations of food items, toiletries, etc., for this charitable organization.

Other new programs for 2015 will be about covered bridges in our area and the D.C.&P. traction line. Look for more details elsewhere in this newsletter. Above all, consider volunteering your time to RTHS in the coming year.

H. Glynn Marsh