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Regular meetings are held at 114 Valleyview Dr., Englewood, OH on the second Wednesday of each month. 7:00 p.m. April - October and 1:00 p.m. November - March.
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History Center Hours

The History Center is open to the public. Scheduled visiting hours are from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m on the first and third Sundays of each month April through October, weather permitting, and also other times by appointment. Call 937-832-1858.

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The President's Message
Volume 18, Issue 3
From Doris West

July - September 2016
Hope you are enjoying the warmer weather, now that summer is finally here.

We have had a busy time, preparing for a 3-day garage sale here at our building.  Then the next week, helping at Mill Ridge Village’s sale.  (They are so kind to allow us to offer our unsold items along with theirs.)

We received an interesting letter from one of our members, Norene Craddick, who lives in Georgia and wanted to notify us of her new address.  Let me quote part, “I am also enclosing a check in the amount of $150, to make up the difference between the $100 life membership I have had for several years, and the current amount that I just noticed in the latest Randolph Times!  I am so pleased to see the great strides you all are making in this wonderful organization.  Thank you!”

Well, thank you, Ms. Craddick, for being so generous and putting a great value on our volunteer efforts.  In light of her donation, and with our desire to be able to “burn” our mortgage yet this year, let’s use that $150 as SEED MONEY towards that effort.  As a lifetime member who got in under the wire (while the price was still $100) here’s my check, Mr. Treasurer, for $150.  Cha Ching!

There are many ways to support your RTHS organization.  In addition to monetary needs, we have many types of other needs.  Some examples that folks fill:  one lady clips obituaries of people who had a connection to our area, and mounts them on index cards to file.  One makes reminder calls of upcoming meetings to our local members.  Some stop by the building and water the flowers outside.  One takes pictures of buildings being built or torn down.  Even telling your friends, relatives and neighbors about our collection and inviting them to visit, is a great help.  We currently need ones who are willing to spend two hours on a Sunday afternoon here at our building so that visitors can have a look.  Couldn’t you give us two hours, even one time a year?   We need someone to go along on oral history interviews.  We need to get those precious memories of our older residents who have lived here for a long time.  (We will provide the tape recorder and list of questions to ask.)  Here’s another idea:  if you have a recorder, sit down, turn it on and tell us things about this area from times past.  Then send it to us.  Maybe you have some other ideas of how to help?  Come to our next meeting and tell us.

Doris West