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Regular meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month at 114 Valleyview Dr., Englewood, OH
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The History Center is open to the public. Scheduled visiting hours are from 10 AM to 4 PM on the first Saturday of the month, April through November, weather permitting, and also by appointment. Call 937-832-1858.

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Excerpts from the April 2005 "Randolph Times"
Volume 7, Issue 3

From The President:

From Glynn Marsh

     Since our last newsletter, the cool weather of April and May which

gave all of us lots of energy to accomplish good work has been replaced with the lazy, hazy days of what is setting up to be a hot and dry summer. Many of our members are taking vacations with their families and fewer visitors are showing up in our history room. Please note that because attendance has fallen, we have discontinued regular Sunday hours until fall. In the meantime, those of you who are organizing class reunions for later this summer or early fall are invited to call me to set up a special showing of the "Randolph Schools" exhibit for your group. We will keep this exhibit up through October and then will look

for ideas and help setting up a new display on a different topic.


     Appraisal Night on May 19th saw our biggest turnout ever for this event. We were fortunate to have the full cooperation of Grace Brethren Village in promoting this always popular program, but even we were surprised at the turnout. Lucky for us that both sides of the community room could be used for extra chairs and tables! I want to personally thank those members who worked so hard at the registration table and also those who so carefully took the prized items and placed them on the tables. Nothing was lost or damaged which keeps our record intact! In the future, we may want to change some of the methods and rules for registration to try to limit the items to a more manageable number. Jeff and Bill, our appraisers, did a remarkable job in a short amount of



Now we are looking ahead to a successful tent show at the Fine Arts Festival in Englewood on August 13-14th. If you have a few hours to donate to help with set-up on Friday afternoon or want to help with one of the three-hour hosting shifts on either Saturday or Sunday, please call me at 832-1858. Past workers will tell you it is lots of fun meeting the people and sharing history stories.

The Family Tree: 

The following information was shared by lifetime member Roger Garwood at our "Show and Tell" program last March. Excerpts have been taken from a report written by Steven Garwood, his son, entitled "My Family Heritage."


     Three GARWOOD brothers came to America from Evesham, England in 1690.  Their names were Richard, Thomas and Samuel. They settled in Garwood, New Jersey a town named after them. Roger's grandfather, George

(1895-1980) married Mary Edith BURKETT (1898-1950) and they settled in

Pyrmont, OH. In later years they lived on Garland Rd. in West Milton. They had six children: Edward, Everett Eugene, Maryella, Rozanne, E. Dwain and Myron. E. Eugene "Red" Garwood, Roger's father, was born on Dec. 4, 1917. He served in the Navy in W W II and returned home. Over the years he worked many jobs including running a bread truck in Union, selling Fuller Brush products and also working at Aero Products and later Wright Patterson AFB where he retired in 1980. Roger was born in Union, OH in 1939 on Martindale Rd. Roger has a brother Tom. The family lived for several years in the first brick schoolhouse in Union that had been remodeled into a residence. Roger graduated from Randolph and Tom graduated from Northmont.


     Red's wife was Bertha Elsie MAGGERT (1918-1954). Her parents were

Forrest Independence (born on 4th of July) Maggert (1894-1944) and Alice

HOOVER (1895-1981). Alice's parents were Marion Samuel Hoover (1870-1964) and Amanda HOKE (1869-1944) and her grandparents were

Jeremiah S. Hoke (1834-1907) and Mary E. Dohner (1834-1925).

Forrest's parents were Pierce Riley Maggert and Rosetta Amelia FUNDERBURG. The Hokes, Hoovers and Maggerts all had large families so

many descendants still live in the Union area. Ancestors are buried in many local cemeteries.


     What makes genealogy lines most interesting is when facts about their

everyday lives have been recorded. Some of the stories from the Garwood

family include the following:

  • Pierce Riley Maggert was a blacksmith

  • Rosetta Funderberg Maggert was part Indian

  • Son Forrest Maggert drove a gravel truck and was a carpenter

  • Forrest and his wife Alice had ten children.

  • Alice was one of 14 siblings

  • Marion Hoover was a millwright and later worked out of his home on N.

  • Main St. in Union sharpening saws.

  • Roger married Judy Ann KNAUS who grew up in Clayton and attended Clayton Consolidated School.  The Knaus family has strong ties to Greene Co. Ohio and counts among their ancestors the COYS, BRANNUMS, SIDENSTICKS and ANKENEYS.

The complete Garwood genealogy is on file in the archives room. We

welcome the donation of all family genealogies.