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From the "Randolph Times," Volume 8, Issue 4
Oct. 2006

The President's Message from Glynn Marsh

     In December 2005, when our membership decided to make the bicentennial of the National Road the focus of our 2006 programs and projects, little did we know the amount of labor that would be willingly expended and the quality of the results.  Thanks to everyone who donated their time and expertise in helping meet our program and project goals.  I would like to bring everyone up to date on where we stand today.  More extensive reports about some of the topics will appear elsewhere in this newsletter.

     The two programs we held in March and May called "Memories of Old Route 40" were very well attended.  Audio tapes were made of each of the two programs and the tapes were transcribed into hard copy.  The result is a 45-page booklet, "Memories of Old Route 40 - Parts I and II," which includes stories told by Lynn Binkley, Roger Garwood, Bob "Tuck" Lodge, Carl Wagoner and Lee Winteregg, plus comments from members of the audience.  The booklet provides first hand accounts of what it was like growing up along the National Road in Randolph Township during the 1920s-1970s.  Names, places and events are recalled with gusto and give a great oral history of this area.  Anyone who grew up here or has relatives still in the area should enjoy having a copy of this booklet.

     The multimedia exhibit, "Along the National Road," set up in the Englewood Government Center from June 15th through July 31st, included  displays from the Vandalia Butler and Clay Township Historical Societies as well as our own. Over 1500 visitors viewed the displays and came away with a unique historical insight into how the National Road impacted northern Montgomery County from its completion here in 1838 through present times.

     The Randolph Township portion of "Along the National Road" was set up at the Englewood Festival in August.  Some visitors to the society's history tent saw the exhibit for the first time - others were coming back for a closer, more in-depth second look.  "Memories of Old Route 40" booklets were available and over half were sold during the two-day event.  Now, we are looking forward to two more programs before 2006 is history.

     At "Identify that Photo Night," some 50 photos recently donated to the society will be on display.  Many show local houses and residents.  Our task is to identify the locations, date the photos and possibly identify some of the individuals in the photos.  We need the expertise of all members (especially those who have lived in the area for many years) to help!  Members also are invited to bring their old photos for assistance in identification and dating.

    Finally, our "Along the National Road" boards will be set up at the November Meeting for one LAST LOOK.

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The Family Tree

The Smith Family of Section 3, Randolph Twp.

 (extracted from W. H. Beers, 1882 History of Montgomery Co., tax records, atlases and maps of Randolph Township)